Volvo,The Smartest Car in the World


Volvo has a global reputation that is no different. This confirmed by the Research Laboratory on its website about the characteristics of the Volvo XC90. The lab has indicated that this car has extended the safety roof, surpassing all safety standards for cars, and has already collected the highest score under the European Car Assessment Program

This car, awarded by the Safety Award in 2016, remains the safest car ever.

In addition, equipped with sensors to use the brakes automatically as soon as approaching a car or even a person walking on the road

“This car will remain the safest car by 2020,” says Nick Conor, managing director of Volvo UK

According to statistics, Britain has not recorded any deaths or injuries as a result of a car accident since 2002. The number of cars sold in the United Kingdom estimated at 50,000 cars

The first car uses smart braking systems

The Laboratory Center says that the car, which is comparable in terms of safety and intelligent braking service, is the Audi Q7, which is the type sold in 2015 and 2016

However, the Volvo XC90 is the first car to use imaging and radar systems to warn the driver of any imminent danger. Many cars today are equipped with these systems but programmed to use with a speed of more than 50 km / h

The Laboratory Center believes that the invention of the “self-control emergency brake” is the most important invention since the invention of the security belt and the provision of cars

For many years, women and the car have remained unrivaled, especially in advertising, local, and international exhibitions. Moreover, it does not mention the rare ones that talk about that one of them bought a car because he thought it was sold and with it the woman standing next to it

Nevertheless, today, with campaigns against sexual exploitation and sexual harassment of women, especially after the movement came out about six months ago, it was clear that everyone avoided raising issues of freedom and women’s rights

Recently, at the Geneva Motor Show, it turned out that the number of women who were standing near to excite visitors and get them into buying fell much and almost disappeared

Lixos, Ssangyong and Nissan appear to have subjected to the pressure that now exercised worldwide to prevent the exploitation of women

South Korea’s Ssangyong, which launched its small truck, says to the image of the car, Musso, suggests it is entertaining. “So there are young men and women standing close to them in sportswear to confirm the image … This is in line with current ideas and new products Of the company

Nissan has adopted a new policy of replacing witches with women with experience in cars. “We no longer use mannequins to promote cars at exhibitions, but we hire specialized men and women and train them to answer media and customer questions during the exhibition,” the representative told Euronet

For its part, Toyota says it has revoked its policy by imposing models in Europe for more than a year and has commissioned hosts and hosts as experts to explain its products to visitors. “Toyota’s HR policy is to secure the right person in the right place at the right time,” said a spokesman for the Japanese company

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Geneva Motor Show: Between yesterday and today

“Where are those women models?”This is the question that came to mind Stefania Orlando, who came to Switzerland with her husband to attend the International Motor Show

Stefania, who came from Milan, surprised by “how few women there.” “The situation ten years ago was different, the models were all over the show,” she said

The fashion worn by the mannequins this year is either modest or less illustrative. This is what Diego noted at the show (and immediately for Porsche and BMW). He confirmed that five years ago the show was really “cars and girls”, and “today is the only car show with a few girls

The Bavarian auto factory will contact all customers concerned because of the risk of combustion in the additional air conditioner installed in certain models of its vehicles

Germany’s top-class brand Audi announced on Wednesday the recall of 875,000 cars from Europe due to the risk of combustion in the additional air conditioner installed in models of its cars

These models include the A4, A5 and Q5 tires, which produced between 2011 and 2015, according to a representative for the company

There are 330,000 cars out of all the cars that have called, used in Germany. Audi has not published data on car numbers in other European countries, such as in France and the Scandinavian countries

It reported that there is a smell of burning but no material damage, indicating that this problem is the result of heating cables, but did not cause physical damage to one yet, but it can be the smell of fire and damage in the car

Audi will call all these vehicles for repair and disposal. It advised not to use the indicated conditioner until the problem eliminated

The Bavarian company, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, had recalled 250,000 cars in the United States last October for a similar problem. The additional air conditioner used in cars in cold areas in particular

The Duke and the Duke of Cambridge presented their off-road driving skills Wednesday (November 22nd) during a visit to the Jaguar Land Rover factory in Solihull, England

Prince William and his pregnant wife, Catherine “Kate”, met first with the factory staff and trainees, where the prince took the opportunity to visit the machinery factory and put a wheel inside the Land Rover box

Later, the couple met with mountain rescue volunteers, who used cars made in the lab

Prince William and Princess Kate then took a different car, driving on a difficult mountainous and rocky road, under the eyes of the coaches who were with them

Today we will give you some tips to maintain your car and prolong its life

Avoid engine exhaustion

This step is the basis for giving the car more age. However, how the engine overworked? There are simply many reasons for standing up while the engine is working, or the sudden acceleration is frequent. Always try when you want to accelerate your car to do it gradually. In this step, you will find that the car engine will work more smoothly and comfortably

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Avoid transmission fatigue

You can avoid excessive transmission fatigue and avoid damage. Always try to make sure that the transmission has moved to the next level to give it room gradually lower the gear without damaging it. For example, if the car is on the fourth speed and you want to reduce your speed, try to make sure that the fourth speed is not about to move to the fifth spare moment when you press the brake pedal, as this will damage the transmission

Periodic maintenance

Certainly, something important to care about the health of the car, especially engine oil and transmission. Where they have to be changed every time to prevent damage to the engine of a car and change the oil is useless. In addition to making sure, there no abnormal sounds that confirm that there is a malfunction if ignored; this holiday will worsen with the passage of time certainly

Clean your car regularly

Psychological factor also remains something, driving a clean car gives a completely different feeling when driving dirty. Keeping it clean constantly gives the chassis a more beautiful feel and a greater sense of interest in the car

The car considered by many to be a son of a child, and if something is disrupted or damaged, the owner becomes in a deplorable condition but returns to its first state

Some people overlook the fact that every end has a beginning. The car that has passed its end has started its first steps when its owner has neglected to maintain it and has already failed to avoid breakdowns

For a car that lasts longer, there are a few simple tips that might help. They do not need effort or money

The car invention has been one of the things that helped greatly in the development of life on the surface of the earth very much, so that people can access the use of cars to places they could not access and move faster, usually the work of the person at the moment away from the place His stay is tens or hundreds of kilometers, which people could not do before the car was invented

and because of the heavy reliance on the car at the moment, maintaining it is essential and keeps all your other belongings, car care helps to prolong his life And optimization of its leadership also reduces maintenance costs in the event of malfunction or risks that you may encounter in the event of car crashes while driving, and you can pay attention to some of the following tips to do so

How to keep your car Keep your car clean keeping your car clean keeps you clean. Today, the car is one of the keys that reflect your personal image in front of people. Keeping your car clean makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed while driving, keeping the car clean also helps to prolong the life of the car’s lining. Checking the car periodically periodic inspection is one of the things that you cannot avoid at all.

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Instead of leaving your car to wreck it, it usually destroys other parts connected to it and costs you too much to do so, or cause the car to deteriorate or stop. While driving, which in the worst case results in accidents, you can periodically check the vehicle by taking it to a maintenance company or a technician you trust every six months for example for a full check.

But there are some pieces and things in the car that you should periodically inspect yourself, you cannot postpone them for six months for periodic examination, such as air pressure in the tires and tire condition in general, which is one of the important things, which greatly affect the efficiency of the car and may cause serious risks in case of explosion Or engine oil, which must be changed every few kilometers or after a period of time, making sure that it is not at all short of the minimum or no decrease at all between each time the oil is changed, as the decrease in engine oil means the presence of Engine trouble This oil is used as a leak in the engine or in the cylinder.

Oil is important as oil burning in the engine may cause it to explode due to excessive pressure. It is also important to ensure that there is enough water in the car to cool the car also does not drive in the event of a higher temperature than the natural heat.

Driving quietly you should drive the car quietly and pay attention to not being caught in the pits and slow down bumps, and driving more slowly if driving to a landfill not paved, as all these things may damage the car. Hearing the sound of the car Try to reduce the voice of the recorder in the car so that you can hear the sound of the car, in case you hear any suspicious sound, such as the sound of cracking in the engine or wheels or any other voice you have to go to the technical quickly, this may mean the existence of a problem in the engine or other parts of the car. Attention to smoke coming out of the car If smoke comes out of unusual colors, go to the technician, this is evidence of the existence of a problem in the engine mix fuel oil when the exit of blue smoke from the exhaust, or not complete combustion well when the smoke out of black

Do not push the throttle completely or suddenly or move from the brake to the path suddenly, or press the brakes very abruptly and only abruptly when necessary, do not make that a habit, but try to make a safe distance between you and the car in front of you And gradually press brakes, all of which may damage the engine and brakes



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