MSI GT75 8RG Titan Laptop has the most powerful processor

Titan Laptop

It has the most powerful processor in the world of Core i9-8950HK and six-core processors at 2.9 GHz up to 4.8 GHz on gaming laptops

The design

Most of the MSI GT75 Titan looks the same as the MSI GT75VRF Titan Pro. The computer comes with a very large design, which is not very easy in terms of mobility, where the computer comes in the weight of 4.56 kg and the fish starts from 31 to 58 mm, which is normal for a special computer for games

One of the unique things you will find on a laptop computer that comes with a 17-inch screen is that the LED bar has slid over the touch panel buttons. The computer also comes with a mechanical keyboard equipped with RGB lights and users will be able to adjust lighting through the Steel Series Engine

The computer also comes with ventilating holes in the sides, in addition to huge holes in the rear, the openings for the speakers are located on the lower side, and on the side of Yemen, the left, and the speakers come with a power of 3 watts in addition to an audio amplifier. The computer also comes in black and red

The screen For Titan Laptop 

Titan Laptop

The screen comes in 17.3-inch resolution of 1080 pixels and when the screen is used in games, the performance will be good for the response time. With 120 Hz and G-Sync, the response time will not exceed 5 parts of the seconds, but the TN defects will clearly be through The angle of view on the contrast and lighting level was somewhat acceptable but the company worked very well in the degree of contrast and depth of black color and SRGP ratios were 100% while Adobe RGP was 77% and it would be very suitable in image editing and the games

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The sound

For sound, the sound was loud and clear. The external speakers provide a loud and clear sound, even at 100% elevation

The performance

And the performance of the device is unexpectedly excellent not only with daily tasks but also with heavy programs and with 3D games with the highest settings but at the same time the sound of the fans will be very clear so that the sound of the fan to 50 dB while using Heavy programs and that is strange as the computer size is huge

As for the heat issue, there are no problems with the stability of the processor and the graphics processing unit after the intensive use of the device for 30 minutes and reached the temperature to the processor 95 degrees and the graphics processor has reached a temperature of 85 degrees. The temperature on the keyboard was 55 degrees after intensive use and the bottom was 67 degrees

Battery life

Titan Laptop

The GT75 has a somewhat modest battery life because it does not support NVIDIA Optimus graphics switching. This means that the GTX 1080 will always be active. With the intensive use of the computer, the battery life lasted only one hour while it lasted for about four hours in the lowest brightness state

The computer comes at SR 15,749 for the same video version, equivalent to US $ 4,200

The MSI GT75 TITAN delivers unparalleled performance with gaming and heavyweight software, thanks to the new Intel Core C9 processor. With generous cooling to support THERMAL VELOCITY BOOST, with NVIDIA GTX 10809.0 / 10 graphics processor

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Strong processor performance

Super mechanical keyboard

The screen has a refresh rate of 120 Hz


Battery life



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