Land Rover UK and how It starts

Land Rover UK and how It starts

LAND ROVER is a British company, formerly known as Starley and Saton, which founded in 1878. The company initially manufactured bicycles and then moved to the automobile and motorcycle industry in 1885. Her first rover launched. In 1904 the company took the form of the Viking vessel as its logo since then. The company has taken its headquarters in Solihull where it moved after World War II

Motorcycle ROVER model 1912 

Land Rover UK and how It starts

In 1967, the British government nationalized and merged some companies and factories. However, ROVER maintained its identity as an independent division and a company solely affiliated to the Liquidity Management Center (LCM) and merged from 1970 to 1980 in the British Leland Group. In 1988, ROVER was authorized to be an independent brand and was renamed the Rover Group and British Aerospace sold the ROVER Group to be the property of BMW in 1990 that supported and supported the Rover. In 2000, BMW sold the ROVER group and related MG auto activities to the Phoenix consortium, which founded the MGER ROVER group in April of 2005, but BMW kept some shares in the company. Production of the JOVER Group has stopped production and it is difficult to continue working. In March 2008, Ford reached an agreement with Tata Motors in India to include the agreement to open its markets to sell with Jaguar and ROVER cars

Over the past 60 years, Land Rover has grown from strength to strength, with the company developing its vehicles through elements Essential for its unprecedented luxury, superior performance, innovation and fuel economy while minimizing carbon emissions and cutting-edge technologies

ROVER manufactured the first tricycle by Starley and Sutton in Coventry, England, in 1883. The company, founded by John Kemp Starley and William Sutton in 1878, was a sewing machine manufacturer and turned into a bicycle manufacturer

ROVER is a leading British automotive company that has received a lot of customer satisfaction around the world. ROVER is a British company known in ancient times as Starly & Saton, In 1878, the company was initially engaged in the manufacture of many other products such as the manufacture of motorcycles

After that the company took many steps that affected its life when the company moved from the automotive industry to the motorcycle industry and it was a good step for the company to get the satisfaction of consumers around the world and thus we see the company’s constant striving to get everything new in the world Advanced technology both in the automotive industry or motorcycles and the company has manufactured motorcycles

When the company made its first car called “ROVER”, the company took a step in its design and it took the form of the new car, which was in the form of a ship known as “Viking” and this was the logo of the ship class 1 time you took this logo to the present time The company took its headquarters in the city of and after World War II, the company moved to its main branch. Thus, we see that the economic crisis of companies after the Second World War led to the transfer of many companies to the headquarters And others

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ROVER manufactures motorcycles

ROVER has done so through the government of the British country that it has done a lot of nationalization and integration for many different companies and factories and then ROVER has a special vision that it will affiliate only to the administrative center, the specialized financial flood management center. In a group called “Leland” British taking a lot of considerations for the industry, especially the manufacture of motorcycles

ROVER has taken the permission to be a company with its own brand that was renamed “ROVER”, which then sold the company “British Aerosys” to another group and thus became a subsidiary of “BMW”, which has done many important things The Company like its revival and provided many support to it

BMW then sold the ROVER group to the Phoenix consortium, which founded the MG Rover Group

ROVER makes its own car

Land Rover UK and how It starts

Over the past 60 years, Rover has been successful in the most difficult and dark terrain of any company. Over the years, the Company has been associated with many things, such as the strength of its outstanding performance

The company was in the beginning of manufacturing the manufacture of bicycles and then turned to the manufacture of motorcycles and also the car industry and that was in 1885. The first car produced by the company called “ROVER” 0 In 1904 took this company logo in the form of the ship “Viking. The company was headquartered in the city of and was the company’s new headquarters and moved to it after World War

In 1967, the Government of Britain nationalized and merged some private factories and companies, and with all this nationalization of companies and factories, the company maintained its identity and remained as it followed the management of liquidity of the financial ” Motor Corporation” In 1980, the British company Leyland was granted British citizenship. In 1988, the government gave permission to the company to become an independent company. The British Aerospace Company sold the group to BMW in 1990, Has revived the company “ROVER” again and provided the necessary support for this company The company “BMW” and has sold a group company “ROVER” and the subsequent institutions of this company and I was the company “BMW” has remained for some shares in the company “ROVER”. In 1999, Ford Motor Company reached an agreement with a company in India called Tata Motors. This agreement includes the opening of markets for the company to sell its products; It sells cars for Land Rover and Jaguar

The achievements of “Land Rover”

Land Rover UK and how It starts

The company has succeeded in 60 years of age in the market in the most dangerous consequences and the most difficult terrain was through the production of cars known over the years of the strength of performance and quality, which helped to speed the spread of the car through quality and developed the company’s mark over the years from strength to strength to date, ROVER has been able to develop from its vehicles through elements such as luxury, performance and superior performance. The company’s cars are fuel-efficient and reduce pollution by reducing carbon emissions. ROVER was the first company to manufacture a three-wheeled bicycle in 1883. The company initially founded by Wileyam Sutton and John Kemp Starley in 1878 and initially consisted of a factory that manufactures sewing machines; He then turned into a factory that manufactures bicycles

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The answer is simply that Land Rover is the company and Range Rover is a sub-brand.

Land Rover cars known as powerful SUVs that can easily drive off-road. Range Rover is a trademark of Land Rover. The main difference is that the Range Rover is a distinctive brand of 4WD vehicles that have manufactured to be luxurious and suitable for standard routes. Like many companies specializing in the SUV industry, the Land Rover was initially a powerful off-road SUV but lacked the luxury of ordinary road vehicles. From here, Land Rover’s Range Rover has emerged because the Range Rover is a luxury SUV brand that suits urban motorists. In the end, the Land Rover cars are generally expensive cars with very high potential, so the rich only, especially the modern models that emerged after the year 2000, always own them

We offer you a short video showing the production of the Land ROVER Discovery Sport 2015, which was launched at the Paris Motor Show, which our team covered with our colleague Suhaib Shaasha

The video below shows the stages of making the latest ROVER cars inside the British company’s factory

The Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015 is the first car in the Discovery family and features a 5 + 2 seat system of the same size as the existing five-seat luxury SUV

The Land Rover uses high-quality materials in its Discovery 2015 car, reflecting its pride, while the principle of high flexibility known to Discovery vehicles is evident in various aspects of the vehicle

As the Land Rover announced, the all-new Discovery Sport 2015 will be available with two four-cylinder engines. The first is the 2.0-liter Si4, with a 240-horsepower and 339-Newton-meter turbocharged 9-speed automatic transmission, and the second ED4 powered by a 2.2-liter diesel that generates 186 hp and connected to a six-speed automatic transmission or a nine-speed automatic transmission.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015 will start at $ 37,995 (SAR 142,498)

Jaguar Land Rover recently opened a £ 1 billion (US $ 1.282 billion) or SR4.81 billion manufacturing facility in the Slovak region of Nitra, making it the first British automaker to open a factory in Slovakia

The new investment in Nitra is the latest step in Jaguar Land Rover’s global expansion strategy following the opening of its joint venture in China in 2014, its Brazil plant in 2016 and manufacturing contracts in India since 2011 and Austria since 2017. The establishment of new international plants allows the company to introduce new models to its customers, avoid currency fluctuations and stimulate its global competitiveness

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The new Jaguar Land Rover facility in Nitra has about 1,500 people, 98% of whom are Slovak citizens, and 30% of the workforce. The company will launch the second phase of the recruitment process in November to accommodate 850 new employees

All employees of the new plant participated in a special 12-week training program at the company’s first training academy outside the UK, with an investment value of € 7.5 million

The new Jaguar Land Rover facility, covering an area of 300,000 square meters, is the most prominent in Slovakia in terms of engineering competencies and aluminum manufacturing experience with an annual production capacity of 150,000 cars. To support the company’s continued commitment to providing lightweight vehicles with the latest technology, Land Rover Discovery will be the first production line for the new facility

The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. It is the first in Europe to use the Coca-Cola Pulse production system, which is 30% faster than other animation systems. The facility also has a state-of-the-art automated car paint system with minimal environmental impact

The facility has the flexibility to use intelligent database-related manufacturing techniques, including visual rendering technology for all production line processes that use real-time data to solve problems, which supports efficient operation, delivery and manufacturing quality

Slovakia is one of the leading countries in the automotive manufacturing sector, which accounts for 44% of the total industrial sector in the country. With a strong network of suppliers close to its new facility, Jaguar Land Rover supplies and manufactures a number of components locally – such as seats and tires – to support the production of Land Rover Discovery vehicles in Nitra, providing thousands of additional jobs within the automotive supply chain. Slovakia

JOVER Land ROVER works closely with nearby communities around the world.

Over the past six months, the company has provided about 500 volunteer hours for several projects in Nitra and the surrounding communities; the first staff grant program has been launched to support 12 local projects, including the first Nitra Sensory Therapy Clinic, and recently launched a new grant fund in collaboration with the Pontis Foundation “To support local projects in the future

Over the past three years, Jaguar Land Rover has introduced new educational programs to inspire the next generation of automotive engineers in Slovakia

In November, the Land Rover 4×4 Challenge for schools in Slovakia will hold for the third year, with 10 schools from Slovakia participating in the design and manufacture of a four-wheeled ROVER that can controlled remotely and can handle off-road conditions. In addition, ROVER will launch the Jaguar Challenge for elementary schools in Slovakia for the first time this year

All of these programs designed to raise the level of practical experience and awareness of a variety of professions available to young people



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