GENERAL MOTORS a Different History of a Largest Sales Company

GENERAL MOTORS a Different History of a Largest Sales Company

GENERAL MOTORS The American Industrial Group, with its famous brands operating independently, has a different history from which it started. Some of these dates listed before the history of the entire world’s largest sales company.

Chevrolet: The biggest brands of GENERAL MOTORS

GENERAL MOTORS a Different History of a Largest Sales Company

Louis Chevrolet was born in 1878 in the city of Jura, the heart of the French province of Switzerland, which is famous for the dairy industry. The name believed to be French and means “goat’s milk”. Lewis’s father worked in the watch industry, learning mechanical mechanics and growing passion for it. A mechanical mechanic moved from one job to another before deciding to immigrate to the New World. He chose Montreal, Canada, and went to Louis in 1900. He spent six months working In New York, he known as a skilled mechanic and a skilled driver. He took part in several races. His brothers Arthur and Gaston came from Switzerland and the three went to Flint, Michigan. A relationship began with the founder of GM William Duran

Since the introduction of the first Chevrolet on November 3, 1911, its cars have gained high reliability and increased interest from GENERAL MOTORS to the sale of millions of cars annually around the world. The company founded in 1909 by an alliance between William Duran who founded General Motors and Louis Chevrolet and was a prominent contender in his time

The start was successful and in just five years, in 1916, Chevrolet became the fourth largest automaker in the United States and its sales in the following year increased from 100,000 cars. Chevrolet later incorporated into the General Motors Group in 1918 with its distinctive brand that we now see and began to use in 1914

William Duran said to have inspired wallpaper in his room in a Paris hotel. By 1927, Chevrolet had annual sales of 1 million cars. Many of the reasons for the success were due to the first GENERAL MOTORS, which based on modern technologies. Chevrolet was among the first to use the electric lights and the self-operating system, two characteristics that had a great impact in their time, especially Chevrolet cars characterized by moderately priced. Chevrolet is now the flagship brand of General Motors, and its cars are popular in all sectors

It will be very difficult to find a brand that is more innovative than Cadillac is. Since its launch more than 100 years ago, it has introduced many unprecedented technologies. It was the first to use an electric system to rotate the V8 and 16 cylinder engines, and the first to provide an automatic transmission. The brand dates back to 1902 when one of Henry Ford’s attempts broke down and the shareholders asked Henry Leland, the Manic president, to liquidate the company

Amid this frustration, Leland came up with the idea of combining the latest structure developed by Ford with a single-cylinder engine made by Oldsmobile. He and Ford’s former financiers founded Cadillac

At the same time, Ford began a new adventure and this time, and the Ford car for the 1903 and the first Cadillac appeared to be very close in shape and the obvious difference was that Ford had a two-cylinder engine rather than a single cylinder. Leland presented his car at the New York show for $ 850 per unit and received 2,886 applications. Cadillac made 2,500 cars that year, a huge figure for his time. Cadillac upgraded in 1905 when it introduced a four-cylinder engine in a $ 2,800 car. Leyland was keen on his high-end cars and on the accuracy of the building and relied on measurement systems from Swedish Johansen to ensure that the pieces matched. Cadillac won the British Royal Club for Creativity in 1908 (Thomas Dewar Cup). The Cadillac innovation was to provide three pieces of the car, others were precise and easy to install, and this was difficult at that time

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Oldsmobile: The oldest American brand of GENERAL MOTORS

Oldsmobile founded Ransom Eli Olds, born in Geneva, Ohio, in 1864. His father worked in blacksmithing and owned the Olds Foundry and his son, and his son Wallace, who sold his share to his brother Olds in 1885 for $ 1,000. Olds was able to build the first steam-powered vehicle in 1887 with three wheels. In 1893 he became the first American to export vehicles outside the United States when four-wheeled steam-engine vehicles were exported to a merchant in India. The vehicles did not reach their final destination because of drowning the ship that she was carrying. In 1897, for the first time, he introduced petrol cars for $ 1,000

On August 21 of the same year, he founded his company “GENERAL MOTORS” and opened in 1900 an industrial facility in Detroit, Michigan, and changed the name of the company to Oldsmobile. The year 1901 saw an important leap when the US Postal Service decided to buy Oldsmobile Curve Dash for distribution of mail. In the same year, Olds became the first to depend on the suppliers of parts to build his cars because of the burning of his factory in Detroit. After returning to Lansing, Michigan, from which he began, Oldsmobile became the top US factory sales between 1900 and 1903. In 2004, Olds retired, but soon established his new REO company in 1905 and managed to outperform his former company in 1905 and 1906. In 1908, Oldsmobile became one of GM’s fastest-growing companies, introducing the V8 engine in 1916 and the automatic transmission in 1940. Olds died in 1950, while REO remained in the truck industry until 1974

Pontiac: Thriller Maker by GENERAL MOTORS

The first Pontiac appeared in 1926, but the company’s past dates back to 1893 when Edward Murphy established the Pontiac Truck Company in Pontiac, Michigan, initially specializing in the manufacture of horse-drawn vehicles. The United States until Murphy initiated a new branch in 2007 under the name of Auckland Motor Co. Two years later, General Motors acquired half of Oakland shares in a reciprocal deal. General Motors founder William Duran took advantage of Murphy’s talent and experience in the GENERAL MOTORS industry, but Murphy died in the summer of the following year. Not for the entire company

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Auckland was very successful before the financial markets collapsed in 1929, weakened by the economic recession. In 1920 she lived in a state of anarchy after 12 years of existence, before which Duran lost control in 1910 and then returned and regained it in 1916, then lost it until he regained it tightly in 1920 and faced the dilemma of having 7 And Ford was thriving on a T-model at a competitive price of $ 500. General Motors had no competition in terms of equipment and price. A committee of directors formed to reorganize the company and the company’s chairperson Alfred Sloan This committee decided to arrange sections at different levels, Pontiac took its place between the Chevrolet Economic and Oldsmobile family

Throughout her life, Pontiac has experienced crises but has always been the exception of GENERAL MOTORS

The GTO, which was introduced in 1964, was just a replica of Tempest equipped with Boonville’s mighty engine and modified the chassis to keep up with the force. The legendary car was the first seed of the famous muscle car era in the United States and characterized by relatively small cars equipped with giant engines. The name of the company changed from Auckland to Pontiac only in 1932 and it believed then that General Motors wanted to cancel the brand

Like other car factories, Pontiac stopped making cars at the order of the US government on December 15, 1941 to direct the effort towards the military production of the Second World War. Pontiac contributed to the manufacture of machine guns and tank axes and returned in 1946 to produce the same cars that had stopped production before the outbreak of war but with minor modifications. Since its inception, Pontiac has produced more than 31 million cars


Ran Som Ellay Olds founded Olds Mobile Vehicle and produced the first Oldsmobile. The company’s first plant built on Jefferson Avenue in Detroit, Michigan

Oldsmobiles are the first cars in history with a meter. GENERAL MOTORS produced the highly successful curved dash, the first classic American model. The car was available with a single-cylinder engine generating up to 4 hp, weighing 345 kg at $ 650. The production of this model continued until 1906

Detroit Motor Company becomes Cadillac and produces the first Cadillac in October of the same year. David Dunbar Buick is the founder of the industry-leading biotech company and succeeds in the second year with the production of the first car bearing his name

Benjamin Brisco and Frank Briscoe support Buick, and the appearance of brand cars next year

Ran Som Ellay Olds is selling his stake in Oldsmobile and is setting up a new company with the first three letters of his triple name Rio

This year the first Cadillac introduced in the world. It developed by Severs and Ironman in Detroit. In 1910, Cadillac embarked on the ongoing productive work at Fisher Body

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Oakland Motors was established (later became GENERAL MOTORS). Buick ranks second in the 1907 US sales list behind Ford and continues its successes in the following years

William Crippo Durant founded General Motors on September 16, which built around Buick and then Oldsmobile. GM has introduced the world’s first electric car lamps. The establishment of Fisher Body for the bodies of cars

Cadillac and Oakland are included in the GENERAL MOTORS family. The racecar driver Louis Chevrolet begins attempts to manufacture a six-cylinder car

GENERAL MOTORS presents their first official models

Chevrolet Motor Company founded in November

GMC trucks started manufacturing at the Pontiac plant in Michigan. Later this year trucks exhibited at an international fair

The launch of the first Cadillac powered the electric motor, and the construction of this model Charles F. Keating, who left the National Car Registry at the turn of the 20th century to set up Daytona’s technology labs in 1912. A four-cylinder engine and a direct-running device characterize this model

Chevrolet becomes a division of GENERAL MOTORS

.GENERAL MOTORS controls Fisher Body’s revenues by 60 percent. After showing a steady rise in market profits, the company’s management decided to expand its Detroit building and change the building designation from Durant Building to GM Building.

1924    Fisher Productions has gone through a test of its innovations in Milford (Michigan). General Motors improved the night vision in its car lights when new changes made to illuminate the road by controlling the high and low light switch. In 1927, additional benefits introduced for this system

Delco-Remy produced the first space for the electric motors of GENERAL MOTORS

General Motors decided to supply all its cars with sophisticated glass at each door, and in 1929 produced two models (LaSalle and Cadillac) that enjoy these specifications to mitigate some of the damage to passengers when they have accidents

Join Allison Technical Engineering to GENERAL MOTORS

Change the name of Auckland Motor Co. to Pontiac Motor Company

GENERAL MOTORS has equipped its vehicles with an independent front suspension called “Action” to maintain vehicle stability and consistency

The company approved the legitimacy of its trade union activity within UAW after a strike that shut down its plants in Flint

GM introduces a new system to drive the car with ease – the Hydromantic system for automatic transmission of speeds and movement. It has produced a car with automatic gearbox and a handle on the steering column and the new system that the driver is no longer forced to change speeds through the gearbox and the clutch. The system first introduced in Oldsmobile cars the following year. Buick introduced to the market cars equipped with turn signals and flash



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