Fortnite video game, Best Game in 2018

Fortnite video game, Best Game in 2018

The popular game developed by Epic Games, Fortnite Battle Royal is now available on almost every platform, making it the world’s largest game, turning it into a cultural phenomenon that has hit the world and made a huge shift in gaming. The number of active users rose to more than 125 One million users in less than a year, but there are many people who do not like the violent content it provides. Fortnite’s idea is about being unarmed and surrounded by up to 99 players trying to kill you

The game has provoked controversy across Australia, the Herald Sun reported. While some believe it is a harmless Fortnite, it has gained much attention in a way similar to the Pokemon Go game, the other believes it is a harmful game and tries to ban it, depending on its very violent content for children, and the addictive nature of the game affects how they behave in the classroom

The Fortnite Battle Royal, released in July last year, was released as soon as a free version was released in September, with the ability to play on gaming platforms, smart phones, tablets and computers, and has been downloaded more than 45 million times since Has been described as having an addictive effect similar to Minecraft

Epic Games has promised to support e-sports at the Fortnite Battle Royal for $ 100 million in prizes this year, and there is an opportunity to make money by educating other players. There are people who spread their educational services on social networking platforms , As well as the opportunity to make money by broadcasting on social networking sites such as Twitch

“Money is not why young players are attracted,” says Leonie Smith, one of Australia’s leading e-safety experts. “Kids are very excited about the game, and I have heard concerns from teachers who can not keep the Fortnite Battle Royal out of the classroom

“The comments I get from parents and teachers indicate that the game is very addictive, children play it so much, they go to school and talk about it constantly, they watch videos of other kids playing, it’s very consumptive because of the thrill of wanting to play it. Better

The British newspaper Daily Mail reported last month that British Culture Minister Matt Hancock had expressed concern about parents because of the addictive nature of the game and issued a warning to parents

Hancock told the Daily Telegraph: “There could be a harmful impact on the lives of our children when using devices for a long time, be it through social networking platforms or Fortnite games, children must enjoy greater security, a lifestyle that includes exercise and social outreach in The real world

An Australian group wants to do so, petitioning the Australian rating board to ban Fortnite Battle Royal with more than 918 supporters of the ban so far. The petition states that the game makes the children insensitive to violence and creates a new generation of violent people

Although Fortnite’s warnings suggest that people must be played within a certain age group of 12 years and over, Lyons Smith believes that parents’ responsibility is to determine whether children should play them as mature or not, and says that no The game should be compared to other shooting games such as Call of Duty. “If you do not like shooting games or firearms because of what you represent, you will not like this game very much

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The petition from the Australian group came just a day after a nine-year-old girl reported to be undergoing rehabilitation in the UK after becoming so addicted to Fortnite that she wet herself to avoid leaving the game and beating her father when he tried to force her to stop playing

Fortnite is now one of the most popular games in the world, but it is not only a fun and unique game, but there are obvious reasons for its popularity and its transformation into a phenomenon

According to the Business Insider site, Fortnite is part of a newly created gaming category that offers a great experience at no cost, but that does not mean that the game does not make any profits in other ways, as it was able to get the equivalent of 225 million dollars in March only

Here is how Fortnite was able to achieve fame and popularity without any financial gain from its users

Fortnite video game, Best Game in 2018

Easily accessible

Do not look like any other free game

The game looks exceptional

Fortnite can be played on any device whether PlayStation 4 or Xbox One or a PC or iPhone or iPad or Mac

How does Fortnite achieve these huge returns even though it is a free game?

Fortnite video game, Best Game in 2018

Simply because they sell things. You can download the game “Fortnite: Battle Royale” on any device, and it will cost nothing. Nevertheless, you can be a person who is very fond of the Battle Pass system that elevates your personality and opens more closed elements in the game

To simplify it more, Fortnite itself is free, but the progress of it and open the closed items is not so, you can buy many things in the game currency V-bucks, and use it to change your personality or new dance movement

Finally, one of the most important reasons why Fortnite is famous in comparison to its main competitor, “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds”, is that it is a visually enjoyable game. When another player kills you, there is no blood, just disappear from the world and the game moves to the next person. In contrast, the game “PUBG” is very serious and strict, and therefore less fun

A German newspaper reported on the dangers of video games for children because of its violent scenes, citing Fortnite, one of the most dangerous and harmful games children can have at 12 years of age, despite the scenes of violence they have imagined. May negatively affect children addicted to video games

The game “Fortnite” spread like the virus among children in a short period; it became the subject of controversy between many people in clubs, schools and even during the gatherings of parents

Statistics say 10 million people loaded Fortnite in just two weeks, while wider statistics indicate that 40 million people have downloaded the game so far, while two million people have registered for Fortnite at the same time

Details for Fortnite

Fortnite video game, Best Game in 2018

According to the newspaper, the game is about 100 players shooting at each other until one person left in the end. At the beginning of Fortnite, a plane flying players includes an island, and each player decides where to jump. After that, the player searches for weapons, traps and medicines inside houses and buildings. The player uses an ax and a hammer to cut trees and break rocks, with the aim of building bridges or defenses to protect him

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The great success of Pokemon GO or Super Mario Run games can explain as soon as they reach the smart devices in 2016. The nostalgia factor has contributed strongly to the fact that it based on large figures with many users’ smart phones. However, to see a new game light with unknown characters and achieve unparalleled success, which requires a long look

Fortnite has been able to surpass the numbers of a wide range of popular games in terms of user base and daily financial revenue, and today it is one of the most recognizable games in the world

A humble beginning

Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, has a long history of gaming, dating back to 1991. It has been working with its current brand Epic Games since 1999. Along with a wide range of games, such as Unreal, Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Infinity Blade, ) And Gears of War, the company has developed a sophisticated graphics library called Unreal Engine, which is also used in a wide range of different games developed by other companies

In mid-2017, the company launched the first version of Fortnite: Save the World, the game that based on battles where only four players were able to build some shelters to take shelter in. To fight the rest, so that another player wins survives. The company alerted to the success of the idea in one way or another, but at the same time, it noticed that Battleground was spreading more, especially as it allowed 100 people to play at the same time in battle. From here, I decided to adjust the path of “Fortnite” and take it in another direction

By September of 2017, Epic Games launched a new version of Fortnite: Battle Royal, a version that shattered all expectations and outperformed all similar games with the same mind. Keep the original version of “Fortnite” unchanged as another option

The new Fortnite came with a different idea of the original version, where 100 players can create a battle and fight in an attempt to stay to the end to collect as many lives and points at the same time with the possibility of building castles and forts to take shelter also. In nearly six months, the number of players has exceeded 40 million people worldwide

Many factors contributed to the success of the game with its new release. The company first offered it free of charge to a variety of platforms, including Windows and Mac computers, Sony Playstation 4 and Xbox One Xbox One) from Microsoft, as well as a copy of iPhone phones arrived in (March) 2018, and another coming later for the Android system

Fortnite competes mainly with the Battle Ground game available for iPhone and Android phones with Windows and Xbox One platforms. Nevertheless, it is not free and the user needs to pay for the $ 29.99 version, which is in the interest of Fortnite, which decided to work on the free form based on the purchase of packages from inside the game

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In addition, Fortnite brings characters close to its users, a kind of fun, unlike Battle Ground, where characters and the environment are violent, as their events take place in fierce battles. This has contributed to the wider acceptance of “Fortnite”, especially with the regular updates that reach the characters, which have added some interesting things such as dancing or wearing distinctive costumes such as the Dinosaur costume. For example, all players feel a bit of fun instead of the tension that usually Accompanied by violent war games. While Battle Ground is still battling to release stable versions, Fortnite has a stable version, with its users routinely updated with new characters, weapons and tasks

Speaking of regular updates, the company has benefited from the Anriel Engine library and has provided a feature replay of some of the footage the player wants to share with his friends and boast about. The packages that players can buy are only clothing and formal modifications and the player cannot buy weapons or tools that make him more powerful, so everyone equal

In addition to the possibility of social play that plays a social role in the game, pushing the player to collect some resources such as wood and money for later defeats for a weapon, or to build a fortress to target competitors from a safe place instead of land alone, The longest in the game, which lasts one battle time to about 20 minutes

“Fortnite” in numbers

The Battle Ground has sold more than 30 million copies since its official release in March 2017, meaning that the company has earned at least $ 900 million in revenue, as the price per copy is at least $ 30. But “Fortnite” came out to beat everyone. In February of 2018, it generated $ 126 million in revenue, close to the $ 103 million Battle of the Ground, Makes the latter an unparalleled phenomenon, these figures come mainly from the sale of packages within the game

The game also surpassed big names, such as Candy Crash, which earned $ 5.8 million in the first week of April and Clash of Clans, which earned $ 4.1 million, “Pokemon Go”, which achieved 2.7 million, after only $ 6.4 million in its second week on almost the iPhone, pending official access to the store, “Google Play” on the Android system

The rapid rise did not come without hindrance. The company’s servers stopped for more than 72 users from Fortnite’s run-ins, which they considered a temporary, albeit temporary, escape from the strange phenomenon of concern

But on the ground, there should be no fear of Fortnite as long as it is operated by children within the control of parents at specific intervals of time, it is free from any elements of morality or manifestations of violence is intolerable, what pushed everyone towards it is the characters simple friendly, Use and tasks in them, and making voice conversations with friends a feature has prompted many young and old to play


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