COP GAMES,facts,reports and Revenue

COP GAMES,facts,reports and Revenue


Global Games recently reported revenue of $ 91 billion from COP GAMES, with mobile video games earning $ 41 billion, retail gaming revenue of $ 26 billion, and free online games with paid play-offs of $ 19 billion

These figures do not include the value of the equipment used or the inputs used during COP GAMES, which confirms that the direction of the state came at the right time, where the program on human resources and skills development, the allocation of training course in the engineering and programming COP GAMES, During the inauguration of an IT conference and conference

This will only come with a broad base of COP GAMES practitioners, to create competitions and tournaments to accommodate young people, and to use them as a human base to play these games intensively and deeply in competitions and competitions to help spread them, And the emergence of advanced versions of them helps in the process of global competition

The fact that there are competitions between teams representing youth centers, clubs, academies, and COP GAMES centers throughout the world is the only way to find this human base, which uses the outputs and games of developers and startups registered in the Guinness Booklet by participating in the biggest event involving these developers In January 2016, organized by the Institute of Information Technology COP GAMES

A recent report by the US market research firm Super Data Research announced that the new areas of COP GAMES, which use virtual reality, E-Sports and video game content, are still small but are growing rapidly in 2017

COP GAMES achieved virtual reality revenue of $ 2.7 billion in 2016, although hardware manufacturers used to play this category suffer from the high price problem and the limited availability of specialized retailers

rfrom COP GAMES4.4 billion and collective competition games totaled $ 892 million, and despite modest revenue figures, it has become a focal point for publishers and advertisers

It was reported that there was an increase in the download of COP GAMES directly from the Internet to private gaming devices without intermediaries, such as specialized stores, and the expenditure on the download of these games $ 6.6 billion, which provided significant income to make technical improvements in the dazzling of these games by their producers And increase investment on its part to produce new toys

By all of us, we love the practice of COP GAMES on phones or computers, and some of us wish to be able to

The design of his own game, but prevents him from that ignorance programming science, which consists of many languages

Which are difficult for many to understand or learn, but under the current trend of this age, and the direction

To the world of the Internet, whether for entertainment or work and especially that the rich world now most of their wealth

Many inventions or COP GAMES, which have impressed millions around the world

They upload the app, which in turn shows the ads, and all that turns into millions of dollars

Everyone is trying to invade this field for profit, and today we will talk about how COP GAMES made without the need to study complex programming languages

How to make COP GAMES without learning to programme

When we want to download a game, what we go to Google Play Store known to download the game

There are hundreds of applications from COP GAMES, including the complex and simple ones

Many games have been able to bring wealth to their owners despite their simple design such as COP GAMES

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Although the game is primitive, its design has admired by many and carried by over 50 million users

Dong Nguyen turned into a millionaire

If you want to enter this world and do not know where to start you will talk about some programs today

Which you can use to start establishing your own game without having to study programming and here is the details

First program create amazing games without code this program provides you with a good set of tools

Which you can use to design your game, all you need is to choose a particular idea for the game you want to set up

In addition, learn how to use the program, and good in the application that it gives you the possibility to experience the game

Before you finish it by pressing the Test Scene button, and after you finish designing the game

Finally, you can also try it through a Test game

Game Salad Creator This program is less complicated than the previous program,

You can quickly create your game, give you more freedom to edit or add to your game

This program not only makes games for Android phones but also enables you to work on Html5 or IOS

COP GAMES description

COP GAMES is one of the most beautiful games of fighting cars where the gang men stole the cars in the road and then did a big race in the center of the garden, which led to traffic parking and traffic congestion in traffic. Help the police to chase these men, beat them, and take stolen cars to their owners

Play now, enjoy the most adventures of COP GAMES, install the weapons needed in the battle in your cars, and know the Kikfih use. Do not forget at the beginning of the game to be acquainted with the guidance of the game method and rules of the game to be able to practice the game in a correct and enjoyable. The game is presented to you by the site of Games Buh, do not miss the experience of flash games adventures of cars on the side of the screen


COP GAMES,facts,reports and Revenue

Game Police chase cars 3D, police hunt game of the game of exclusive and very enjoyable action Enjoy the times of enthusiasm in the hunt for hordes and mafia men Be ready to confront and take your fastest speed in the police car Quick Get help means in the way as gasoline that gives the greatest speed and tags Win points play with all the fun and defend the right of your city

Most children always dream that one of them will be a police officer until they chase the thieves and he is a courageous and very famous hero. Today all the children enjoy this adventure-filled game. We have police cars and two prisoners. You have to go to jail and warn them to run away. From you, you should stop the car at a little low speed so as not to overturn your car because in the road many obstacles are causing the car to slide from the top of the mountain you must be in charge until you reach the prisoners to the specified prison

Take this adventure as it should and the secret in the road full of dangerous dangerous and enjoy driving the police car in the games Mava and share the game with friends, because the most beautiful in all the games found in the games Mava Enjoy games cars and birth and cooking and also games girls and children, COP Here, in the completion of the beautiful game there are different cars, including a police car and also microbes and other cars are very wonderful, dear friends, You can choose the car that you find yourself capable of its context with all courage

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This new year is full of surprises because there are many forms of cars to go through all stages of the race, you have to be skilled in the race and do not put anyone take you this round of Lanka, the need to be the winner to pass to the other stages in order, so that you do not seem to COP GAMES difficult A little bit we will put you pictures of this game

A group of specialists conducted surveys of children’s schools to learn how COPE affected children and found that they caused a significant loss of chill time

They also found that they had a significant impact on boys and girls and there was a difference of opinion. They believed that COP GAMES had an impact on the development of children’s intelligence and another that it stimulated the child’s aggressive behavior because of the recurrent violence in COP GAMES

What is the impact of electronic games on your child? What are the most important tips for controlling this?

Supplies of electronic games on the child

COP GAMES,facts,reports and Revenue

The experts found that COP GAMES has influenced the behavior of the child because it drives him to selfishness and self-love and increase aggressive behavior and may drive him to steal to get these games and renew them from the markets or to buy the devices that can be practiced by these COP GAMES as an addiction to him

Some parents leave children to practice COP GAMES. They are safe from sex sites, but what they do not know is that they carry the same gravity as these sites, and their effect requires constant follow-up from parents.

Tips to control the command

The parents have a great influence on this subject, where they are required to participate in the children’s participation in everything, especially the games and the knowledge of the content and the selection of COP GAMES, which motivates them to innovate and stimulate their ability to make decisions and spend more time among the family members to strengthen the interdependence among them

And not to leave the child alone and work on the search for useful alternatives to these COP GAMES as a child’s participation in social and sports and cultural activities and the lack of feeling bored of the child to sit with him and give him an electronic device to stay away whatever the problems or circumstances that you do not ignore your child


COP GAMES,facts,reports and Revenue

These COP GAMES also have benefits and not only damage, they stimulate intelligence in children and improve their level of understanding as they develop cognitive skills as they coordinate the relationship between hand and eye studies have found that these games to develop memory and speed of thinking and make decisions and sound fast and learn the tasks of defending themselves

Solutions to avoid damaging these games

You must set a specific time for these COP GAMES and do not be the length of the day to control child addiction to these games

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Develop a control program to learn what the child is opening up from games

Make him play these games with his friends so as not to be isolated from them

Allocate time for exercise sports activities

Instilling the love of reading in the same child

Make it come out through painting to increase its ability to imagination and creativity

Autism and electronic games

The frequent use of electronic devices by the child makes him prone to isolation and disconnection from the world and thus he has psychological and health problems such as tension, anxiety, nervousness, sleep, and low school level

A study published by the American Psychiatric Association, conducted on two groups of children between the ages of 13 and 15, found that children who used to play computer games, especially violent ones and those involving war and murder, increased their aggressive behavior and were characterized by anger, The number of heartbeats, as well as isolation from their families and friends, and researchers concluded that such games cause children to health, psychological and social future

A recent Spanish study found that children who play video games for more than an hour a day have behavioral problems, while cognitive abilities may improve for children whose games are limited to one or two hours per week, including enhanced response to visual signals

The sample of the study carried out by researchers from the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona included 2442 children between the ages of 7 and 11 years

According to the results, the duration of the practice of children COPES usually increases by 1.7 hours per week for girls, indicating that the longer the duration of children’s games, the more likely to inform parents about behavior and behavior problems

“There are many motivations that stimulate children psychologically to addicted to electronic games, most notably the mother, who is called the” glacier, “whose role as sitting with children is nothing to do with anything, says Hala Hammad, a pediatric psychologist. To be distracted while carrying out the work of the house with the absence of control and the absence of strict controls set the number of hours designated to sit in front of the computer screens, in addition to the participation of children in the play, and thus create the spirit of clinging to those games in children especially that such games contain Coast each one more difficult than the previous which stimulates has a sense of challenge, and the content of these games sound effects and colors attract the child’s attention

Each type of COP GAMES has a psychologically different effect on the child, including fear, aggressive behavior, obsessions, restless sleep, poor self-confidence, anxiety, introversion and confusion between reality, imagination, and hatred of others

Hammad added that each type of electronic games has a different psychological effect on the child, including fear (phobia), aggressive behavior, obsessions, restless sleep, poor self-confidence, anxiety, introversion and confusion between reality and imagination and hatred of others

In social and behavioral terms, they lead to separation from the social environment, lack of co-operation with colleagues, jealousy, suspicion of the behavior of others, and a lack of personality during the conversation of others. Physically, COP GAMES lead to obesity, because the child sits in front of her for long hours, eating large amounts of food without attention Muscle contraction, lack of exercise and poor vision, as well as the injury of the child with muscular and nervous spasms due to excessive concentration in these COP GAMES

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