Cheap Laptops With Long Battery Life and best budget laptop 2018

Cheap Laptops With Long Battery Life and best budget laptop 2018

Although there are many cheap laptops that give you amazing performance, their high price makes them unsuitable for a large segment of users. Here is the problem many people have in trying to get cheap laptops without sacrificing performance

In addition, so that cheap laptop is suitable to perform the tasks needed by the user, so we will give you in this article the specifications that you should be looking for when buying cheap laptops with appropriate specifications before we know the range of the best cheap laptops available in the market now

Select the appropriate screen measurement

When you search for cheap laptops, the first thing you need to choose is screen measurement and accuracy. Choosing a screen size has a big impact on many other things, such as the size of the keyboard and the spaces between its buttons. It also affects the number of ports in cheap laptops

Although most cheap laptops come in either a 13-inch or 15-inch size, you can always find larger or smaller sizes according to the specifications you need. A smaller measurement means less weight, and if you want cheap laptops, it is better for you to look for cheap laptops with a dark shade As it does not cause much reflection compared to computers with a glossy cover that reflect the rays as mirrors

Choose the Type of Processor that meets your requirements

The processor is brain cheap laptops and has the greatest impact on computer performance and processing speed, and when you search for a cheap Laptop you will find many cheap laptops equipped with processors Celeron, which recommended to avoid them only if you want to use the computer to surf the Internet and send emails only

If you want to use it to run other programs that require higher performance, you might want to look for cheap laptops with an Intel Core processor or a processor from the AMD A series of processors. On the other hand, the generation of the computer is an important factor where you can find cheap laptops with fifth and sixth generation processors that will provide you good performance while the next generation processors are not likely to found in cheap laptops today

Memory and storage capacity

In the beginning, we must distinguish between internal memory and RAM called RAM; internal memory is the memory used to store your files and data while RAM uses RAM to store data that the processor frequently uses to increase processing speed. Of RAM is much larger than the speed of reading from internal storage, but although they are different, the common thing is that an increase in memory means better performance

Most cheap laptops are equipped with 1 TB of internal HDD storage, which uses magnetic storage disks and 4 GB of RAM, as it is unlikely to find cheap laptops with more than 8 GB RAM or internal storage memory. SSD type as still expensive

A collection of the best cheap laptops

Cheap laptops Acer Aspire E 15

These cheap laptops is one of the best computers you can get at a low price of $ 350 as it comes with a Core i3 processor of the seventh generation with 4 GB of RAM and 1 terabyte of internal HDD storage

Its screen is often good and accurate, but it has narrow viewing angles. It comes with a 15-inch screen that is large and has plenty of ports to connect peripheral accessories, including the new USB Type-c

In terms of performance it performs well, although it may suffer from a bit of slowdown when running many programs together but it is suitable for running the basic programs, and the battery gives you the ability to use it for long periods of up to 8 hours of continuous operation, which means it is suitable to work outside The home, in terms of shape cheap laptops has a traditional design with a structure made of plastic but it is well resistant to shocks

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Device Asus VivoBook Max X541SA

The cheap laptops are stylish and elegant in design, with aluminum alloy structure giving it a look of durability and durability. On its edges, you will find many ports, with three USB ports, including the new USB Type-C, which can be used to charge the computer, HDMI

As for the screen it does not display realistic colors as well as being faint but for cheap laptops of this price category cannot be said to be a big disappointment, while on the other hand and with an Intel Pentium N3700 processor it obviously will not give you excellent performance as it It will be suitable for surfing the Internet, sending emails or watching movies

If you need to use cheap laptops to work outside the home gives you an excellent battery performance, as it can stay up to 9 hours of continuous work without the need to recharge, and the computer is available for $ 400 USD

Asus Transformer Book Flip TP200SA

These cheap laptops come in the category of multi-purpose computers, that is, you can split the screen into a tablet. This cheap laptop is a traditional design with a metal cover, while its base is made of plastic with a 12-inch screen displaying realistic colors and good lighting

With its multi-touch screen, you will need to clean it continuously as the fingerprints easily attached. On the side edges, the computer has several USB ports, including the new USB Type-C.

As for the performance, it comes with a 1.6-inch Intel Celeron N3050 GHz and 64 GB of internal memory of eMMC, it does not provide high performance and it does not accommodate many of the programs so it is suitable only to run some simple programs and surf the Internet where it is preferable not to run many programs at the same time

However, its battery is one of the most important features it offers. It can work for up to 10 hours of continuous work while surfing the internet and as it is available at $ 300 it is a good option if you need to do some simple work outside the home

Cheap laptops – HP 250 G5

Although it one of the best cheap laptops that can be obtained at $ 365 but its traditional design makes it undesirable by some users, when playing the videos you will notice that the screen is not distinctive at all as it displays unrealistic colors and a bit dim, but on the other hand progress A good lighting and smooth edges allow you to use the computer in high lighting conditions

Since cheap laptops have a 5-generation Core i3 processor and 8 GB of RAM, it delivers superior performance that enables you to run multiple programs together without any problems or slow response, but on the other hand, its battery performance makes it unsuitable to work outside Home where it lasts without having to charge for up to 5 hours only

HP Stream 11 device

Cheap laptops HP Stream 11 is a good choice if the price is the key factor when you choose the computer for $ 230, and it’s equipped with an Intel Celeron processor and 2 GB of RAM plus 32 GB of internal eMMC storage It is clear that cheap laptops are designed to surf the Internet and run some simple programs, and since its battery allows it to work for about 9 hours, it is a good choice as a cheap computer for students

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Finally, it is important to note that although there are some cheap laptops that perform well in a low price category and will be an excellent option if you want the computer for simple uses such as reading e-books or watching movies and surfing the Internet, in case you want a computer to work on programs Design or video editing software it is best to look for cheap laptops with high specifications

cheap laptops There are many different types in the electronics market of laptop, which makes you confused when deciding to buy a laptop, but if he wanted to buy the best type must put a set of specifications in the eye of the account, where there are excellent qualities and less Quality in the market may vary in some specifications and in price, and in this article we will mention the most important of these specifications

The main processor is the main part of the laptop and its speed, and it has different types of Intel, AMD, Core i7, and Core i5, and you must find the processor that has a number of more nuclei, which is more quickly measured in GHz. RAM is the place where files and data are stored on the laptop, and the larger the size was able to do more than one function or open more than one program at the same time without slowing down or freeze the device, the oldest of which is known as DDR2 and the slowest among the memories, And DDR3, which is common in most cheap laptops at this time, and finally DDR4, which is one of the best species and rarer because of the high price. GPU The graphics card is the part of the laptop that is responsible for running the graphics. It has two types, one depends on memory and integrated with the motherboard and the other comes with memory.

The higher the memory capacity, the better the graphics performance on the laptop, the better to watch the 3D movies or for engineering programs. Memory is the first two types of HDD, which comes in most cheap laptops for their cheap price and the large space it provides. The second comes with the SDD storage disk and found in laptops, and features faster performance and less energy consumption but less space. Port connections are not very different in cheap laptops. Modern devices often come with an HDMI or Micro HDMI connector, at least three USB connectors, a speaker connector, and a speaker.

Battery The number of actual battery hours based on certain conditions, such as surfing the Internet, watching a movie or both, should be considered. Most laptops operate for approximately four hours, while other modern types operate for 10 hours. Screen You should search for a cheap laptop with a screen of a proportional size and high-quality HD or Full HD and the layers protected from scratches, preferably the screen has an IPS feature that helps to see clearly from all sides. Operating System most laptops operate on Windows 8.1, and there are other operating systems such as Linux, Ponto, DOS, or OS X

It a device that receives data from input devices; it processes it by performing mathematical and logical operations on it, and then retrieves it in the form of output when the user needs it. In short, cheap laptops are an electronic machine that can store, process and retrieve data on demand. Some of the most important features of computers are:

How to know the specifications of a device cheap laptops Knowing the specifications of cheap laptops are important topics that everyone should know, the breadth of the Internet has led to widespread use of the computer dramatically; we find in one home many cheap laptops, the computer became a device for use Therefore, the specifications of the device are important because of the person’s need for specific specifications related to the nature of his work. The programmer, for example, needs the specifications of cheap laptops that are different from the specifications of the administrative system. Each person uses it in a different way. For cheap laptops, follow these steps: Method 1

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Go to the Computer icon. Click on the right mouse button and choose the Properties option. The System Properties dialog box appears. Here you will see the device specifications in terms of the type of operating system used the type and size of the memory, the speed of the random memory, the screen size, and all the important features of the computer. Method 2

Go to the START icon. Choose the Run command. Write the word (duding) in the blank. Method 3:

In the operating system, which is one of the Linux distributions, the following steps followed: From the Super menu, type (System) and System Monitor selected, and the device specifications appear in the System Monitor dialog box? Advantages of cheap laptops The most important features of the computer

Accuracy, the error rate in computer operations is near zero. Speed is the speed of the device in data processing and calculation and storage. High data storage capability.

The ability to connect to the network in terms of the ability of cheap laptops to connect with devices connected to local and global networks. Low cost of the device compared to the specifications of the computer, especially the speed and accuracy of the device. Characteristics of the components of the device cheap laptops the computer consist of many important components, the most important of which is: Processor is the brain of the system of cheap laptops; it is responsible for the implementation of key processes in the computer, such as calculations and logic. It abbreviated (CPU), which is a central processing unit, meaning the central processing unit. At the beginning of the processor, it looked like a slide; it was placed horizontally on the motherboard in the socket, and with the advent of the Pentium 2 processor, the processor became a card placed on the motherboard vertically in a slot called Slot, The old form (Socket). The processor’s speed measured in Hertz. If we had a 900 MHz processor running Pentium 3, the processor would be 900 million Hertz per second, and Hertz is the cycle in which the processor performs its tasks

 Hard Drives Hard Disk is the main storage unit of cheap laptops.

Its main function is to store data and programs, the most important of which are operating system software and applications such as Office and Microsoft. The hard drive is one of the most important components of cheap laptops; it can store a large number of data and information more than any other storage devices. The vast majority of hard drive storage used to save and store programs such as operating system software, Storage Delete and delete some old software and data to free up some storage space or add an additional hard drive to increase storage space. It is important to back up important works on cheap laptops, even with large storage capacity Apt provided by the hard disk


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